Elevators & Escalators

Passenger Elevator

In addition to the beauty of cabin designs, high quality robust structure and components we offer a wide range product line.
• Capacity range from 200 kg up to 5.000 kg
• Speed up to 3.0m/sec

Home Elevator

Feel special and unique and add value to your house with outstanding solutions.The different solutions that we offer are easy to install even if it's a new villa or an already constructed one.
• Low pit up to 100 mm
• Low overhead up to 3000 mm

Car Elevator

State of the art options to maximize the input and output of vehicles, in addition to different safety features and private access options for added security.
• Capacity range from 3,000 kg up to 20.000 kg
• Speed up to 1.0m/sec

Panoramic Elevator

Add Elegance, Transparency and glamour to your property with unlimited designs and customized panoramic elevator solutions.
• MR or MRL
• Interior or Exterior
• Round, Square & Oval

Cargo Lift

We offer different solutions to all you needs and requirement with heavy duty and reliable products.
• Capacity range from 200 kg up to 20.000 kg
• Speed up to 0.5 m/sec

Escalator & Moving Walk

DOPPLER escalators and Moving Walks are :
• Innovative stylish design
• Reliable operation
• Superior riding comfort and exceptional quietness
• Indoor or outdoor installation
• Manufactured according to ΕΝ115

Parking System& Scissors Lifts

Ideal solution for commercial, public, and residential use, especially for buildings with limited space, where sufficient parking positions are required.
• Low installation cost and no need for additional construction
• Increase of parking spaces, providing additional revenue potential
• Ideal for areas with limited building coefficient.
• Pollution reduction